Find Your Itch

Find Your Itch was founded by Rukije (Ro) Wood and is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. The idea for FYI came to me when I realized I had some very valuable poker chips and thought about how someone out there may really want them but unless I put them up for sale, how would anyone find them? Then I began to think about everything else I have and how some of it may be very valuable to other people, and if so, I really wouldn’t mind parting with things – and so Find Your Itch was born. We’re here to fill in the gap and help people find things they’re really looking for, it could be something specific, it could be to replace something they once lost, or a collector item. Whatever it is, list it because Find Your Itch is here to help you find it.


No subscriptions, just list your itch and wait for those messages to flow in. Find Your Itch is not subscription based, users have the ability to both list something they’re looking for and browse the listings of others and make offers. During the sale process, FYI collects a small commission fee.