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Somewhere, someone has something you’re looking for. FindYourItch.com is a buyer-driven online reseller marketplace with a twist. On Find Your Itch, users don’t list what they’re selling, they list what they’re looking to find. Until now, shopping has always presented limitations: in selection, variety, quantity, and even price, and what if we want something else? On FYI you get to ask the world.

Ro Wood founded FindYourItch.com in December 2020 when she became frustrated by her experience with traditional marketplaces. Taking beautiful, good label items and receiving close to nothing for them left her feeling discouraged to do it again, and inspired her to find an alternative. She wondered, if she felt this way, did other people too?

Then, she began to think about ways to save money and also make money, but in a way that gave buyers a say, and created less work for sellers. If she needed an alternative, perhaps other people would like one too, and so FindYourItch.com was born.


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