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Somewhere, someone has something you’re looking for. FindYourItch.com is a buyer-driven online reseller marketplace with a twist. On Find Your Itch, users don’t list what they’re selling, they list what they’re looking to buy. Until now, shopping has always presented limitations: in selection, variety, and quantity, and what if we want something else? On FYI you get to ask the world.

Rukije (Ro) Wood founded FindYourItch.com in December 2020 when she realized she had some very valuable poker chips and thought about how someone out there may really be wanting them but unless she put them up for sale, how would they find them? 

Then, she began to think about everything else she has and how some of it may be really valuable to other people, and if so, she really wouldn’t mind parting with things – and so FindYourItch.com was born.


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